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  • 4 Feb 2021 2:07 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Colleagues,

    I would like to give my sincerest gratitude for the unity HPDA members have shown during this unprecedented time. Dentists have proven, more than ever, that we will go above and beyond to serve the oral health needs of the public.

    The HPDA is committed to providing you the confidence and support to continue achieving your potential as professionals. If you are not yet a member, I invite you to join our association to enjoy educational and social events we have planned, including member exclusive events, for the reduced 2020/21 membership fee of $199.

    We thank you for exemplifying all that is great about this profession. Rest assured the HPDA stands with you and for you. I wish you and your loved ones health and happiness for the coming year. 

    Best wishes,

    Dr. Navreet Sidhu
    President, Halton-Peel Dental Association 2020/21

  • 4 Feb 2021 2:00 PM | Anonymous

    2020 was an interesting year!  Despite the challenges the pandemic has caused the profession, HPDA continued its commitment to providing innovative and educational programs for our members.  Our flair for social programming was on full display for the membership with a fantastic Trivia Night in June, and most recently, a Virtual Wine Tasting in December. 

    As a volunteer run organization, we pride ourselves on looking for ways to help our colleagues and the Peel community at large.  This was no easy task in 2020 as we were no longer able to provide our course offerings in person.  Due to the exceptional work of the Executive committee, we were able to pivot to a virtual strategy, and continue to provide essential clinical and practice management courses for our membership.

    Highlights included virtual lectures in Pharmacology  (with Dr. Ouanounou), Endodontics (with Dr. Glassman) and Periodontics (with Dr. Mohammed), as well as informative Town Hall sessions with our ODA President, Dr. Hapak, and the new Registrar of the RCDSO, Dr. Michael Faulkner.   In addition, we were fortunate to welcome Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti, from Trillium Health Partners, for an eye-opening discussion on the impact of the COVID-19 Virus on the dental profession, as well as Ms. Sandie Bailargeon for a timely discussion on the practice recovery process in a post-lockdown world. 

    Strength in Numbers

    When the COVID lockdown left our members unable to practice and unsure of how to help, HPDA leveraged its position as the largest component dental society in Canada, to recruit donations for our very own PPE Drive.  This was a resounding success.  We were able to make a substantial donation to hospitals in both Peel and Halton at a time when PPE was scarce, and the impact of the virus was widespread.  We are so fortunate for the generosity of our members and their willingness to make sacrifices for the Halton-Peel Community.

    In addition, under the leadership of Dr. Kelvin Fung, HPDA led a successful Oral Health month campaign, and donated Toothbrushes to Knights Table Food Bank in Brampton, and the Oakville Fareshare Food Bank.  The HPDA Charity committee ensured that this endeavour went off smoothly, and the donations were well received by both organizations.

    Keeping ‘Spirits’ High

    While social distancing limited our ability to hold in person networking events this past year, we were still able to successfully get our membership together, albeit via their computer screens.  HPDA held its first Trivia night in June 2020, which was a resounding success!  Multiple teams successfully competed virtually for great prizes, which was the perfect break after a long two month lockdown.

    Our most recent event in December of 2020 featured a Sommelier led virtual wine tasting.  Members were treated to delicious charcuterie and flavourful wines (delivered directly to their homes), and excellent company!  We can’t thank our Sommelier, Ryan Sullivan, enough for making this such an enjoyable evening.   If you have an idea for an event that you’d like to see happen, please let us know!  We are always happy to create new ways to engage our members.

  • 4 Feb 2021 1:56 PM | Anonymous

    A Fresh Start in 2021

    While the Lockdown has kept us apart, HPDA will continue to create unique venues for its members to interact and learn together in 2021. HPDA is pleased to continue to offer a schedule of renowned speakers from a variety of disciplines this year. As always, we aim to provide our members with ample opportunities to earn continuing education credits to maintain good standing with the RCDSO.

    This year, our featured presentations include:

    1. Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti- COVID-19 Second Wave and Vaccine Updates
    2. Risk Managing Your Practice with Dr. Lionel Lenkinski
    3. HPDA Specialists Round Table with Dr. Paul Bhatti, Dr. Michael Yang, and Dr. Alison Sigal
    4. Dr. Peter Fritz- Implant Maintenance
    5. CPR Certification- Health Care Provider Level C

    These virtual presentations are not to be missed!

    Beating the Second Wave Blues

    HPDA members will also be treated to a variety of networking activities that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home! This year we will offer:
    •  A virtual paint night fundraiser for our members, with the proceeds to be donated to Seva Foodbank. All painting supplies will be delivered directly to your home, followed by an artist led interactive session, as you create your masterpiece
    • Drive-In movie night for HPDA members and their families
    Grab your laptop and connect with your colleagues as these events are not to be missed! If you have any ideas for other events you’d like to see happen, please let us know! We are always happy to hear from our members!

  • 4 Feb 2021 1:46 PM | Anonymous

    2020 is a year no one will ever forget and while most of us may not want to look back, it’s important to reflect on what happened, what we can learn and what was accomplished. As soon as the  pandemic hit the province, the ODA took action to help guide you through the myriad of challenges our profession faced. Here’s a brief overview:  

    • ODA was in the news 43 of 52 weeks in 2020 with over 900 TV, radio, print and online mentions, mostly on pandemic related stories letting people know about PPE shortages, dental emergencies and the safety of and need for dental care.

    • To address the PPE supply challenge, the ODA  lobbied the government to get dentists access to provincial PPE stockpiles and also partnered with four companies to connect you with safe and reliable PPE at competitive prices. 
    • We created 50 new member resources ranging from suggested fee guide codes and employment issues to practice and finance guidance during the pandemic.

    • The Pandemic Recovery Toolkit, now in its sixth edition, has been extremely successful in helping dentists stay on track in this climate.
    • The ODA lobbied the province to agree dentists in hospital settings should have access to similar income supports physicians get.
    • An ad campaign was launched in the fall across the province to let the public know what dentists are doing to provide safe dental care during the pandemic.

    Advocacy and media outreach is well underway in 2021 as we push for dentists and their teams to get early access to COVID-19 vaccines. A news release went out on January 6 and has received dozens of media mentions across the province.

    Along with working on the latest edition of the Return to Practice Toolkit, we’re also keeping lines of communication open with the RCDSO and provincial government so we can help you understand the changing rules and requirements throughout this pandemic.

    Even though circumstances may have changed, there will be an Oral Health Month campaign! The ODA will be emailing members as soon as the creative assets are ready to share. And also keep an eye out on your inbox for the latest on the virtual ASM coming May 6-8, and a brand new member website this year!

    Wishing you great health,
    Dr. Lisa Bentley
    HPDA Board Liaison

  • 4 Feb 2021 1:40 PM | Anonymous

    Follow us on Instagram @haltonpeeldentalassociation.  You will find out about upcoming events and see event pics.  Tag us and let us know about the great things you are doing at your offices and in our community. 

    We held an Instagram contest in November where we asked HPDA members to post photos showing off their HPDA swag.  Dr. Martin Cloutier won the prize of a free ticket to our Holiday Virtual Wine Tasting. 

    HPDA is social! You can get in touch and learn about our other events through our website, our app "Wild Apricot Member", our Twitter account @HaltonPeelDA and our eblasts. 

    Show your HPDA pride, wear your HPDA gear, and don’t forget to tag us!

    See you at our next event!

  • 4 Feb 2021 1:13 PM | Anonymous

    This year, HPDA’s Charity Committee is happy to announce its support for Seva Food Bank.

    The pandemic has accelerated many underlying issues, including food insecurity. Seva Food Bank has seen the number of new families accessing their services drastically increase versus this time last year. In September and October 2020, they served over 1,000 families for the first time ever in their history.

    Seva Food Bank works hard to serve families from diverse backgrounds in Peel Region.  They provide personally acceptable and culturally appropriate food to all families using their services.  A consistent supply of fresh food is a core need to families-especially fresh fruits and vegetables.  Visit https://sevafoodbank.com for more information. 

    Please consider donating to Seva Food Bank and offering support to members of the community during COVID-19. To donate, please visit:



    Ivana Orlovic 
    2020/2021 HPDA Treasurer
    Charity Committee Chair 

  • 4 Feb 2021 12:57 PM | Anonymous

    We are shining the spotlight on Dr. Duri Hafiz as she exemplifies the spirit of the HPDA.  We first met Duri at New Grad Night in 2015 where she was a newly licensed dentist.  Ever since, we have seen her regularly at educational and social events meeting colleagues and always smiling.

    Duri associated at several dental offices and then she fulfilled her dream: opening her own practice.  In April 2019, Duri opened Malton Goreway Dental where she has been caring for a diverse range of patients from different walks of life, which she enjoys.  Her dental team has been active connecting with the community through local social events.  Through word-of-mouth community referrals, her practice is thriving and greatly surpassing her expectations. Duri ‘s passion for community service is evident as she volunteered her office and staff to participate in HPDA’s Smile Days where HPDA members provide free dental care for people in need.   She is looking forward to participating when Smile Days returns after the pandemic.

    In her spare time, Duri enjoys walking, exploring nature, gardening, listening to music, dancing and reading.  On her days off, she meditates and cooks for her family.  Her husband is an engineer by profession, her daughter is in second year of university and her son is in grade 10.  She enjoys going on picnics with them and taking trips. She is eager to be able to go on a vacation with her family again.

    Duri is also looking forward to attending upcoming HPDA events and she can’t wait for the time when we can have in-person events. She says, “I enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones at HPDA events. One of my favourite parts of being a HPDA member is getting to attend seminars which keeps me updated with the latest information regarding our profession.”

    What’s her favourite memory from a HPDA event? “It was the boat cruise the summer of 2016.  There was dinner, socializing and dancing until midnight.  I went with my husband and we enjoyed viewing the scenic Toronto skyline.  It was a nice change and a good opportunity to unwind.”

    “Ultimately, I appreciate the fact that attending HPDA events allows me to earn my CE credits while also having a good time.”

    Thank you for sharing your story, Duri.  We appreciate you being a loyal HPDA member and for everything you do for our community.
  • 14 Jan 2021 7:37 PM | Anonymous

    Written by TMFD Financial Founder and CEO, Mike Lakhani and the expertise of his team, the new book is almost here: A Framework for Aligning Your Practice, Family, and Future!

    To reserve your free copy, please fill click here: www.tmfd.ca/the-financially-independent-dentist

    Excerpt from the foreword:

    While there was an internal debate over whether now was the right time to release or postpone this book, given how the world around us was changing with each passing day, we realized that the advice in this book is not only timeless, but it’s more important now than ever. It asks the critical questionwhat is truly important in your life? How do you design your work, your finances, and your life around that?

    We hope you use that lens while reading through this book. Achieving financial independence means that you no longer have money as a driving factor behind your decision making. It’s a significant mind shift for most people. How different would your life have looked during the shutdown if money were no longer a worry? Life is too short to be worried about money. Let us worry about money for you.  - Mike Lakhani

  • 17 Dec 2020 11:06 AM | Anonymous

    How and Why the Dental Profession is Pandemic Proof


    Timothy A, Brown, FRI, CEO and Broker of Record www.roicorp.com

    Jackie Joachim, Chief Operating Officer, www.roicorp.com

    2020 did not work out as any of us planned. So many had great expectations which quickly came to a grinding halt. The world changed and so has the way we do business. Some changes will become permanent.

    As difficult as this pandemic has been, we must believe we will come through this, because history tells us that we will. It is relative to the challenging times our parents and grandparents had when they experienced the Depression, two world wars, pandemics and other tragedies. There were always celebrations once these periods came to an end. I am not yet predicting a repeat of the roaring 20’s but in the wake of devastation brought on by WWI and the Spanish Flu we saw a positivity and prosperity that can only be attributed to austerity that preceded it. No one has a crystal ball, no one knows what 2021 will really be like, but we must enter the year with optimism and hope. People will gather again, hug again, travel again. Global economics will rebound because of pent up demand for products and services. We caught a glimpse of this when dental and optometry offices reopened after the forced closures.

    The Dental Practice Revenue Landscape (past, present and future):

    1. June to August 2020 (3 months), dental practice revenues recovered quickly and many reported record production levels during the summer of 2020 due to backlog.

    2. September to November 2020 (3 months), continuing record production levels in many practices nationwide, which was a pleasant surprise to us and our clients. Why? Canadians have a high dental IQ and they trust and respect what dentistry has done to make it safe for them to visit. Well done dental community!

    3. December 2020 (1 month), appointment schedules are full as patients typically “use it or lose it” in December.

    4. January 2021, kids may not go back to school in January, so why not take them to the dentist! A few hours at the dental office gives a parent some free time to complete other tasks (at least for those whose kids can be left with dental staff).

    5. February to April 2021, the forward-looking schedules are filling up quickly. Why? Patients are working at home and have much more free time for personal care, some just need to get out of the house! With serious limitations on many other health care services (and a loss of confidence in areas such as gyms, massage, aesthetics, etc.) dentistry remains at the top of Canadians’ health care regimen and mind-set.

    Looking back:

    Spring of 2020; across all markets, dental practices kept in touch with patients by educating them with a calm voice and science-based information. Many of our clients improved their technology skills via social media, Zoom and TeleDentistry. Many of us considered ourselves “too old” and yet we embraced all things tech to stay in touch.

    2020 has taught us that we cannot always be in control and that we must be willing to adapt. Most importantly, the dental profession at large exhibited a positive attitude. To be very clear, we can all agree that we need more positivity, joy and happiness in 2021. Please be a beacon of hope and contagious positivity so we all get through the pandemic together.

    Timothy Brown is Chief Executive Office of ROI Corporation Canada’s national professional practice and brokerage firm.

    Jackie Joachim is Chief Operating Officer of ROI Corporation, Canada’s national professional practice and brokerage firm. Please contact her at Jackie.joachim@roicorp.com or 1-888-764-4145.

  • 1 Dec 2020 11:20 PM | Anonymous

    I wanted to reach out because I know these days in particular are very stressful for you.  Patients are cancelling and some owners are experiences challenges with staff.  While many of us believed offices, would not be included in the lockdown (which thankfully was not the case), the growing level of concern was certainly no less.

    We all know that we are well under way in the second stage of COVID.  Fatigue, and anxiety continues especially as our numbers increase.  We really do know how difficult this time is for you.  Many practitioners feel overwhelmed with the equipment required along with the inability to show a smile or hug a person who needs it.  While we are all grateful for the fact that we have so many blessings, it is still difficult to know that you cannot enjoy life as you normally would.   It really is amazing to see how we used to manage stress from a busy day and now must find other ways.

    Your practice revolves around the relationships you have with the patients who visit your office.  Now, more than ever, keeping people informed is so critical.  ROI Corporation has compiled some tips we wish to share with you:

    Update your website – Depending on where the practice is located, patients may assume offices are also part of the business closure.  Make sure patients know you are available to provide care.

    Post Updates on your Social media – Many patients may have fears coming to your office.  This is your opportunity to post the policies you have established and remind them that these protocols have in fact kept patients very safe during their visits.

    Emails, Instagram, Facebook -  Communicate information on your social channels, through email, or wherever else your patients engage with you.  Don’t be afraid to post photos and messages that show how patients are managed safely.   If you know of patients who use their social media frequently, ask them if they are comfortable posting about your office.  You may actually get a referral!

    Virtual appointments – If you find that many patients are cancelling because of fear, why not schedule a virtual appointment.  Seeing you and having the opportunity to address any concerns may ease a patient’s mind and in fact encourage them to come into the office sooner.

    Pick up the phone – Nothing beats hearing a live voice from your office.  Simply checking in to see how the patient is doing in general will truly build loyalty and increase your goodwill.  One of the many quotes from Maya Angelou that people are sharing in abundance these days is that people will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.   You will never know the impact a phone call from your office can have.

    We know you need support and motivation now.  Therefore, if you have some time on Thursday December 3rd, I will be hosting a webinar – Managing Through The Second Wave.  I will be joined by some friends, who will happily share their best practices for keeping patients engaged and connected during these difficult times.  To register, simply click on the link https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4578684588224285709.

    You are a leader and during a crisis it is our behaviors and mindsets that will help prevent us from overreacting to yesterday’s developments and look ahead. It is so important that we show our confidence in spite of obviously difficult conditions.  This helps us lead our teams through tough situations. When the crisis passes, and it will, we can take the lessons we have learned and continue to apply them with optimism as we move forward.  We have the strength inside us to get through this and hopefully be better people as a result of the important lessons we have learned along the way.

    Please remember, we are here to help in anyway.


    Jackie Joachim 

    Chief Operating Officer | ROI Corporation Brokerage

    Office: (905) 278-4145 | Fax: (905) 278-4705


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