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Managing Through The Second Wave

1 Dec 2020 11:20 PM | Anonymous

I wanted to reach out because I know these days in particular are very stressful for you.  Patients are cancelling and some owners are experiences challenges with staff.  While many of us believed offices, would not be included in the lockdown (which thankfully was not the case), the growing level of concern was certainly no less.

We all know that we are well under way in the second stage of COVID.  Fatigue, and anxiety continues especially as our numbers increase.  We really do know how difficult this time is for you.  Many practitioners feel overwhelmed with the equipment required along with the inability to show a smile or hug a person who needs it.  While we are all grateful for the fact that we have so many blessings, it is still difficult to know that you cannot enjoy life as you normally would.   It really is amazing to see how we used to manage stress from a busy day and now must find other ways.

Your practice revolves around the relationships you have with the patients who visit your office.  Now, more than ever, keeping people informed is so critical.  ROI Corporation has compiled some tips we wish to share with you:

Update your website – Depending on where the practice is located, patients may assume offices are also part of the business closure.  Make sure patients know you are available to provide care.

Post Updates on your Social media – Many patients may have fears coming to your office.  This is your opportunity to post the policies you have established and remind them that these protocols have in fact kept patients very safe during their visits.

Emails, Instagram, Facebook -  Communicate information on your social channels, through email, or wherever else your patients engage with you.  Don’t be afraid to post photos and messages that show how patients are managed safely.   If you know of patients who use their social media frequently, ask them if they are comfortable posting about your office.  You may actually get a referral!

Virtual appointments – If you find that many patients are cancelling because of fear, why not schedule a virtual appointment.  Seeing you and having the opportunity to address any concerns may ease a patient’s mind and in fact encourage them to come into the office sooner.

Pick up the phone – Nothing beats hearing a live voice from your office.  Simply checking in to see how the patient is doing in general will truly build loyalty and increase your goodwill.  One of the many quotes from Maya Angelou that people are sharing in abundance these days is that people will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.   You will never know the impact a phone call from your office can have.

We know you need support and motivation now.  Therefore, if you have some time on Thursday December 3rd, I will be hosting a webinar – Managing Through The Second Wave.  I will be joined by some friends, who will happily share their best practices for keeping patients engaged and connected during these difficult times.  To register, simply click on the link https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4578684588224285709.

You are a leader and during a crisis it is our behaviors and mindsets that will help prevent us from overreacting to yesterday’s developments and look ahead. It is so important that we show our confidence in spite of obviously difficult conditions.  This helps us lead our teams through tough situations. When the crisis passes, and it will, we can take the lessons we have learned and continue to apply them with optimism as we move forward.  We have the strength inside us to get through this and hopefully be better people as a result of the important lessons we have learned along the way.

Please remember, we are here to help in anyway.


Jackie Joachim 

Chief Operating Officer | ROI Corporation Brokerage

Office: (905) 278-4145 | Fax: (905) 278-4705


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